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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • Carved from a Monolith

    The Residence of the Hungarian Embassy Extended with Office Functions, Bratislava

    Architect: Gábor Kruppa
    Text: György Szegő
    Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

    By nature, the embassy of the Hungarian Republic is a symbol in itself. This function is served by the architect when using light walls and yellowish-whitish limestone facework evoking our architectural traditions to represent the country’s regional-historical architectural character. The solemnity of the house simultaneously meets the requirements of tradition and official tone, whilst the scales and the materials of the house have a personal atmosphere when viewed from a tactile proximity. The „carvings” clad in limestone are soft and elegant. Especially the first-floor rooms of the embassy residence offer intimate environment with beautiful sculpturesque and functional solutions like the loggia recessed into the kitchen or the semi-atrium and the hanging garden embracing it at roughly the same level because of the slope. The house is suited to function as the apartment of the embassador to provide a comfortable framework for everyday life and also to reveal the representative roles of a public building. The playful alternation of concave and convex is more than a symbol: the functions related to utilization are shaped as a portrait of a building in a sculpturesque way.

    General design: Kima Studio Kft.
    Architects: Gábor Kruppa, Tamás Németh
    Fellow architects: Tamás Szücs, Gergely Draskóczy, Ladislav Struhar és Eva Bachorecova – Silkat spol. s.r.o., Galánta
    Landscape: Szalkai Adrienne
    Structure: Jozef Zizak
    Installation: Ervin Bajor, Zsolt Hajdú
    Electrical engineering: János Petkovics, Stefan Skulavik
    Main contractor: Hérosz Zrt. Budapest
    Client: Magyar Köztársaság Külügyminisztériuma