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    Design Competition for 320° Artistic, Educational and Technical Centre, Siófok

    When it comes to development, Siófok as the capital of Lake Balaton and its region is trying to break away in time from the linear type of town development along the shores. The uninhabited building formerly housing the mechanized bakery, that is the would-be cultural centre, is within walking distance from the centre even southward. A total of 64 teams participated in the tender for the utilization of the building which is now on the verge of becoming ruinous but has been hosting high-standard exhibitions for years. Designs submitted were displayed this summer in three exhibitions. The industrial building erected two or three decades ago is worth preserving, but the method of how to actually do it raises practical and theoretical issues. The latter is presented in the exemplary designs by Attila Madzin, Paolo Perloiro and M-Teampannon awarded the 3rd prize by the jury.

    I. Prize: No. 4
    Építészkohó Kft., architect: Tarnóczky Tamás Attila

    II Prize: No. 1
    SAGRA Architects Kft., architects: Sajtos Gábor, Grand Gabriella, Tóth Tamás

    Shared III. Prize: No. 15
    PROMONTORIO Lisszabon, Portugália – architects: Paulo Perloiro and M-Teampanon Kft. – architect: Madzin Attila

    Shared III. Prize: No. 23
    Dévényi Márton, Gyürki-Kiss Pál és munkatársaik – MARP Kft.