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    Bus Terminal, Hatvan

    Architects: Emese Kaló, József Pásztor – Építészkaláka
    Text: Miklós Okrutay
    Photos: József Hajdú

    The first impression one has of the new bus terminal in Hatvan is that the experience we have associated with travelling does not depend on the building itself but on the architectural standards achieved here. Selected after an invitation to tender, the duo of architects treated the array of classic forms with a firm hand. The roof of the platform drawn in a triangle with rounded off corners actually frames the sight, with the terminal building erected in the centre of gravity of the area marked out this way to be completed with transparent units of passenger traffic and the closed facade of operating units. However, the spectacle is defined by the former railway water-tower reconstructed with high standards also functioning to counteract the horizontal organization of the surprisingly spacious, horizontally spreading complex filling the area with its comfortable elegance. The transparent spaciousness of the waiting loinge is an attractive one, we can enter the washrooms anxiety and enjoy the rich spectacle of a town park whilst queueing and waiting to get on the bus. It is a wonderful sight especially in the evening when bathed in floodlight. It shall be quite an experience to arrive or just wait here for our sweetheart coming home.

    Design: Építész Kaláka Kft
    Architects: Kaló Emese, Pásztor József, Igar Péter, Dénes György
    Traffic: Rohrer Ádám
    Landscape: Bán Karolin
    Structure: †dr. Nagy Tibor, Balogh Béla
    Installation: Erhardt Lajos, Erhardt Péter
    Electrical engineering: Rajkai Ferenc, Barta Richárd, Robákné Nagy Beáta
    Public utilities: Aniot Pál, Aniotné Kallay Gizella