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    „Tündérkert” Kindergarten, Zsámbék

    Architect: Attila Turi
    Text: Ágnes Bechtold
    Photos: György Dénes

    The building of the kindergarten has a dwelling-house design with several details echoing solutions experimented by Turi in residential buildings he designed. Clearly separated in space, functions are easy to recognize: the realm of children occupies the ground-floor, whilst service and ancillary areas (offices, staff changing rooms, washrooms, rest areas) are upstairs. The layout of the floor-plan is also a transparent one: cortile with garden – all-round corridor – on the side of the entrance there are ancillery and service spaces on two levels, whilst the other three sides include activity rooms and a row of washrooms, covered terraces opening from the groups’ rooms offer access to the yard. Every room has a transitory space (terrace), as well as a part of the garden separated with a hedge. The tiny gardens are also premises of environmental education having a key function in the educational programme of the kindergarten: they include „vegetable beds” where every group of children plant vegetables of their own that they continue to take care of.

    Architect: Turi Attila – Triskell Kft.
    General design: Triskell Kft.
    Fellow architects: Terdik Bálint, Kozma Zsuzsanna, Borbás Péter, Tömpe Zoltán
    Structure: Baráth Dorottya
    Installation: Szalóky László – Kristály Klíma Kft
    Electrical engineering: Baráth József – Yomatic Kft
    Garden: Buella Mónika – Tájrajz Bt
    Interior design: Turi Attila, Borbás Péter – Triskell Kft.
    Main contractor: Gomép Kft (Lajosmizse)
    Client: Zsámbék Város Önkormányzata