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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • Simple Sentence without Fluff

    Town Hall, Celldömölk

    Architect: György Guzmics, Gergely Menyhárt
    Text: Richárd Hőnich
    Photos: József Hajdú

    This house is like a simple sentence (subject+predicate). There are no superfluous things or superfluous effects. Natural simplicity and openness defines the development as such. Everything is what it seems to be. The wall is a wall, the roof is a roof, the window is a window. However, it almost unnoticeably steps out of its system of coordinates, or rather doubles it. Whilst its exterior contour reacts to the street of the longitudinal side, the interior organisation to that of the shorter one. The minimal difference in angle between the two directions is almost impossible to notice, but the height of the elevations of the seemingly regular mass of the building changes so much within a full circle that there is an exciting difference between the two sides of the reception area. Well-balancedness and firm professional knowledge is reflected in mass formation, the treatment of elevations, the selection of materials and structural solutions. It is free from superfluous articulations, shifts and shade effects.

    Design: Nógrádterv Kft., MGA Építészek Bt.
    Architects: Guzmics György, Menyhárt Gergő, M. Guzmics Annamária, Guzmics-Kiss Andrea, Fenes Tamás
    Structure: Guzmics Gyula
    Installation: Zsédely Sándor
    Electrical engineering: Bodócs Péter
    Main contractor: Swietelsky Vasúttechnika Kft.