A Shell-Shaped Framework

The Look-Out on Lila Hill Re-Opened

Architect: József Koller
Text: Anett Mizsei, Vilmos Katona
Photos: József Hajdú

The tower built for geodesic measurings was built on top of the 313 metre hill in 1977 and has been now facelifted …

Prisms at the Junction of the Rivers Danube and Sava

Reconstruction of Contemporary Arts Museum, Belgrade

Architects: Dejan Todorovic (2017), Ivan Antić, Ivanka Raspopović (1965)
Text: Éva Lovra
Photos: Éva Lovra, Bojana Janjic / MSUB

The awards ceremony of the Mies van der Rohe prize in 2019 was held …

Global Village, Creative City

Thoughts on a new column

Text: Dr. Zoltán Lantos / iASK

The new topic-related column Creative Cities is devoted to the initiatives with the scales of regions and settlements that target to develop the individual cities and towns economically, …

The Significance of High-Standard Architecture

Origen Festival, Switzerland

Text and photos: Bálint Rigó

Located in the Swiss canton of Graubünden, Origen festival has been held every year at a mountain pass since 2006. The very first professional facility of a theatre, it has also …

Spatial Dramaturgy

Ideas in the Wake of a Volume

Text: Tamás Kiss

There is a topic in architecture which is the most important for me of all: it is that of architectural space. The way it is structured, the principles qlong …

Spatial Dramaturgy

Ideas in the wake of a volume
Holger Kleine: Raumdramaturgie: Typologie und Inszenierung von Innenräumen
Birkhaeuser Verlag, Basel, 2018

Text and photos: Zsolt Gunther

There is a topic in architecture which is the most important for me of all: …

Timeless and Changing Values

On the 50th Anniversary of the Culture Centre in Orgovány

Text: Mónika Bordás

In 2019 we are celebrating the culture centre of Orgovány on its milestone 50th anniversary of its inauguration with a variety of events. Commemoration is both …

The Workshop for the Future

The Special College of Architecture

Text: Anna Zsoldos

The Special College of Architecture is one of the organisations of the numerous specialist colleges working within the Budapest University of Technology. Almost every single faculty of each university has similar …

Spaces Teaching in a Different Way

Conference of Architects and Children
Budapest University of Technology, 16 May 2019

Text: Krisztina Somogyi

The concept of BEE (built environment education) has been known in Hungary since the 1980s. During summer camps and recreation activities a large number …

Architectural drawing as artwork

Interview with Sergei Tchoban

Photos: Museum for Architectural Drawing

The Budapest-based FUGA Architectural Centre organizes a wide variety of events associated with architecture and culture on the 10th anniversary of its existence, one of them being a programme of …

Plans for a co-housing, Budapest, District XIII

Diploma design, Budapest University of Technology

Concept: Anna Müller
Consultant: Miklós Jancsó

Co-housing, also referred to as co-operative housing is a voluntary form of residence made up by a blend of private residential units and shared communal functions. Organised …

Ybl Prize 2019

The Miklós Ybl prize is an acknowledgment of oeuvres presenting outstanding activities and achievements of architects, authors and educators such as lecturers with at least fifteen years of career associated with individually and independently designed works of architecture. The …