Post Scriptum 100

Results of the Contest

Founded in 2001 as the theoretical supplement of the periodical Hungarian Architecture, Post Scriptum celebrates the publication of its 100th issue. On this occasion, the editors of the journal published a contest of essays submitted …

Pro Architectura Awards 2018

On October 34th, 2018 one of the most prestigious professional awards in Hungarian architecture, Pro Architectura was awarded in the Houses of Parliament, This recognition goes into five categories for excelling architectural achievements in urban architecture, landscape design and …

Budapest Architectural Award of Merit 2018

Budapest Municipal Government and Budapest Chamber of Architects published this year once again a joint contest titled the Budapest Architectural Award of Merit 2018 in order to promote and facilitate the development of architectural and environmental culture. The special …

Media Architectural Prize 2018

Founded by Erika Katalina Pásztor, who died at the beginning of November, the Media Architectural Prize was awarded the 14th times this year. The media jury of the ceremony held in Arts Palace Budapest rated the National Public Port …

Visegrád 4 Detached Houses 2018

Contest and Travelling Exhibition

The Association of Hungarian Architects has organised the contest of V4 detached houses every year since 2008, and the year 2018 is no exception to this rule. The programme organised in cooperation between the Associations …

Truth and Beauty

The Reconstruction Project of the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest

Architect: István Mányi
Text: Miklós Sulyok
Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

After being closed for three years, the Budapest-based Museum of Fine Arts has been opened again on October 31st, …

Space-Development with a Foliage

The Modernization of Rose Garden Open-Air Theatre, Nyíregyháza

Architects: Roland Banu, Szabolcs Tenkely
Text: Péter Garai
Photos: Csaba Csutkai

Situated in the centre of Nyíregyháza, the open-air theatre with a unique atmosphere has undergone the most significant transformation of …

Promenade Gardens

The New Office Block in Váci Road

Architect: Antal Fekete (Finta Stúdió), László Gellár (DVM Group)
Text: Bence Török-Szabolcs
Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

A new large-scale office-block enriches the building stock of the office axis in Angyalföld. Developed by Horizon …

A Rolling Hill with Extras

Klapka Centre, Budapest

Architect: Miklós Marosi
Text: Eszter Götz
Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

The rapid transformation of the former industrial centre of Northern Pest has shown spectacular developments not only along Váci Road but also beyond it in the past …

Chapter 2

The Extension of the German School Budapest

Architect: Lajos Hartvig
Text: Miklós Okrutay
Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

In line with a cooperation agreement between the states of Germany and Hungary, the German School Budapest started its activities in 1990. Its …

Elevation and Sinking

The New Hegyvidék Art Gallery, Budapest

Architects: Zoltán Kalászi, Márton Pintér
Text: Szilvia Molnár
Photos: Balázs Máté

Founded by the local government of District XII, Budapest, Hegyvidék Art Gallery started its activities in 1998 at No. 16 Városmajor Street. …

1000 and 10 Years

Chapel in Hegyközszentimre

Architect: Péter Wagner
Text: István Szövényi
Photos: Péter Wagner

The chapel was built in a picturesque environment on the edge of the cemetery in the village of Hegyközszentimre. This is the site where Prince Imre the …