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    The New Office Block in Váci Road

    Architect: Antal Fekete (Finta Stúdió), László Gellár (DVM Group)
    Text: Bence Török-Szabolcs
    Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

    A new large-scale office-block enriches the building stock of the office axis in Angyalföld. Developed by Horizon Development (DVM group partner), this complex with a floor area of 25,000 square metres occupies the section of Révész Street between Váci and Visegrádi Streets with an integrated concept. Resulting mainly from the faculties of the location, this development may be rated as a witty and self-evident one: its cross-diagonal orientation is counteracted by the articulation of the complex parallel with Váci Road. The architectural formula applied here guarantees an outstandingly well-proportioned composition for the house which is grasped at first sight. Viewed from below, the six-storey high gateways have a grand effect. The building well adjusts to the longitudinal lanes of the neighbouring blocks, which is shown in a refined adjustment and accommodation regarding both heights and widths. The projecting facade components with playful and trendy perforations evoking copper effects lend a certain rhythm to the streetscape, and its mass turning onto Váci Street is finely moved to have a tracery integrated into a homogenous framework. The building has been equipped with a complete variety of environmentally aware solutions and viewpoints.

    Concept: Antal Fekete, Szabolcs Szentmáry – Finta Stúdió
    Realization: László Gellár – DVM Group
    Fellow architects: Katalin Cseh, Dániel Berecz, Zsolt Jármai, Marcell Lukátsi, Huba Ferenczi, Péter Nagy, Tamás Kovács
    Interiors: Tímea Tóth, Marianna Kis – DVMGroup
    Project management: DVM Group
    Environmental consultancy: Edina Hornok – DVM Group
    Main contractor: DVM Group
    Client: Attila Kovács, Balázs Czár – Horizon Development
    Development Director: Gabriella Sasvári – Horizon Development
    Leasing Director: Andrea Szente-Tóth – Horizon Development
    Marketing & PR Director: Dr. Ildikó Rézműves – Horizon Development
    Owner: Erste Nyíltvégű Ingatlanbefektetési Alap