Csontváry – Ideas competition

Ideas competition for design a new, high quality exhibition space to hold and show Tivadar Csontváry Kosztka’s works and also to find the most suitable location or venue for the museum. Application deadline: 31 May 2016 More information: http://csontvarypalyazat.hu/

Multifunctional public service site, Szombathely

Architectural competition for a new public service site owned by the local government of Szombathely to serve as an optimally and cost effectively controlled central site, and also a unified industrial park. Application deadline: 30 May 2016 More information: http://www.mek.hu/index.php?link=SZOVA_2016

SE Faculty of Health Sciences Property Development III.

Architectural competition for the expansion of the Semmelweis University’s building on Szentkirályi Street, Budapest. The new complex will be host as a training facility for health development. The complex will be constructed in two phases. Application deadline: 17 May 2016 More information: www.mek.hu

Dunavarsány Naprózsa residential complex – Student competition

The aim of the student brainstorming competition announced by the Dunavarsány-2000 Lakásépítő és Szolgáltató Kft. to collect ideas and plans they are facilitating the development of Naprózsa residential complex. Application deadline: 18 May 2016 More information: www.naprozsa.hu Registration: http://www.mek.hu/index.php?link=Hallgatoi_otletpalyazat_Dunavarsany_2016#REGISZTRACIO

Solar Decathlon 2018

The Solar Decathlon Middle East (SDME) was created through an agreement signed between Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and the Department of Energy of the United States of America, in June 2015, in order to organize a sustainable solar houses competition in Dubai in 2018. The 2018 edition of this competition is organized by […]

Think again the Great Boulevard of Budapest!

Student competition Application deadline: 25 March 2016 12.00 The duration of the students’ work: three weeks between 4-22 April 2016. 4-8 April 2016 LECTURES Lectures related to retail and development, business street history, retail and urban development operation, correlations 9-21 April 2016 ELABORATION Development of the marketing communications plan 22 April 2016 EVALUATION The presentation […]

Hévíz Lake Spa

Architectural competition for the development of Hévíz Tófürdő The aim of the competition is to find the most rewarding way for the scheduled development of the Lake Spa in Hévíz. Application deadline: 7 March 2016 More information: http://www.mek.hu/index.php?link=Heviz#H2

Hévíz Indoor Spa and Therapy Centre

Competition for the modernization of the Hévíz Indoor Spa and Therapy Centre The aim of the competition is to create a new Indoor Spa and Therapy Centre with thermal baths and spa, balneotherapy center and special medical and diagnostical rooms that can provide high level servises in Hévíz. Application deadline: 14 March 2016 More information: […]

Hévíz Thermal Spa and Saint Andrew Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases

Brainstorming competition for the development of Hévíz Thermal Spa and Saint Andrew Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases The brainstroming competition consist a plan for the 60 hectare nature reserve, park and road and utility network of the hospital, and its 340 beds new hospital building. The concept plan have to be easily achieved and scheduled. Application […]

A’Design Award & Competition

Registration to A’ Design Award & Competition 2015-2016 period is now open. Application ends: 28 February 2016 A’ Design Award and Competition aims to highlight the excellent qualifications of best designs, design concepts and design oriented products worldwide in all creative disciplines and industries. The primary aim of the award is to create publicity, PR […]

Landscape design competition – City Park, Budapest

Landscape design competition announced for the renewal of the City Park in Budapest – More attractive and greener City Park thanks to the Liget Project Hungary’s landscape architecture profession has been charged with a task of historical importance since the landscape architecture competition announced by Városliget Zrt. – supported by the Landscape Architecture and Garden […]

Floral Vending Kiosk

Student Brainstorming Competition The local goverment of Budapest XIX. District put the surroundings of the local cemetery out to student brainstorming competition. The competition program consists a new architectural design of four floral vending kiosks and a proposal for their placement with a complete spatial planning. Application deadline: 22 February 2016 More information: uj.kispest.hu/palyazatok