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  • Post Scriptum 100

    Tender for supporting architectural writing

    The theoretical annex of the Hungarian Architecture magazine, celebrates its 100th issue this year, the Post Scriptum founded in 2001. On this occasion, the editorial office of the periodical publishes an architectural essay contest attracting new authors and new perspectives in the practice of contemporary architecture and architecture theory.
    We are looking forward for applicants who have published in the field of architecture and those who have not yet, including university students in architecture, social sciences or arts.

    Two types of essays might be sent for this competition, which have not yet been published. Papers must be signed by special identification mark.

    Category I: criticism

    Selectable Topics:
    – Critical examination of a building built in Hungary in the past 2 years. (up to 8000 characters)
    – Critical analysis on the practical implementation of the cooperative relationship between city and nature, with particular emphasis on technology, value management and ecology. (up to 15,000 characters)

    II. category: architecture theory
    Selectable Topics:
    – What is contemporary architecture? Situation analysis of current tendencies and directions towards the future, with particular reference to Hungarian architecture. (up to 15,000 characters)
    – Architectural history analysis of a building constructed between 1960 and 2000 or historical analysis of an architect’s career in the era, of a group of his works, which sets new aspects. (up to 15,000 characters)

    Deadline for submission: 1 October 2018
    Performance Announcement and Award Ceremony: 4 December 2018

    Members of the jury:
    Bálint Botzheim architect, senior fellow of the journal
    Tamás Meggyesi architect, urbanist, philosopher
    János Térey writer, poet

    1st prize (both categories): 100.000 HUF
    2nd prize (both categories): 50.000 HUF
    New Generation Special Prize (in both categories): 100.000 HUF
    Honorable Mention: 3-3 applicants per category who receive the 1-year free subscription to the Hungarian Architecture magazine.

    Depending on the entries received, the jury reserves the right to remuneration other than the announced fees of categories.
    Hungarian Architecture magazine reserves the right to publish the articles received.

    Please submit your entries by email: utoirat100@gmail.com
    Submission deadline: 1 October 2018, 12 p.m.