Design Contest for the New Budapest Velodrom

The aim of the design contest for the new Budapest Velodrom was published by the Hungarian government to design a closed velodrom able to perform a variety of functions simultaneously, in accordance with the relevant criteria of the national sports association that could be suitable on the regional level to host bicycle races, practices, trainings and other competitions too. The site is near Hajógyári-sziget (Shipyard Island), along its northern side, wedged between Graphisoft Park and the northern railway bridge: this lot was formerly part of the gas works precincts. According to the assessment of the jury the various architectural approaches, concepts and structural solutions included in the submitted entries have offered a wide variety of designs to choose from.

1st prize

Architecture: Anthony Gall – Gall és Társai Építésziroda
Structure: István Zalavári, József Sipőcz – I-Quadrat Hungaria
Landscape: Csaba Majoros, Andrea Balogh – 4D Tájépítész Iroda