The National Alternative of the Modern

An Introduction to the Memorial Issue Devoted to István Medgyaszay Text: György Szegő Photo: Archive photo ©  István Medgyaszay’s Memorial House The career of architect István Medgyaszay was defined by the objective phrased by Ödön Lechner: “There has not been such a thing as Hungarian form, but there will be.” His personality was genuinely and highly […]

Design Contest for St George Square and Grand Square, Budapest

The call published by the Prime Minister’s Office and Lechner Information Centre targeted to survey the best possible solutions to utilize and renew the site, that is St George Square and Grand Square located in the Buda Castle district of the Hungarian capital both functionally and spiritually. Criteria for the evaluation of the urbanistic-architectural ideas […]

The Interaction between Light and Material

ELI-ALPS Research Centre, Szeged Architect: Géza Szőkedencsi Text: Anett Mizsei Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky  Géza Szõkedencsi and the architects from Artonic have designed a quality house which focusses on the high technologies it contains. As a result of its spaces featuring artistic qualities and engineering achievements unforeseen and unprecedented in Hungary so far, the ELI-ALPS Research […]

The Image-Arc(h) Building of the Information Park

The new office building of Graphisoft Park, Óbuda Architects: András Vikár, István Lukács  Text: Mária Tatai  Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky Located in Óbuda, the information centre celebrating its 20th anniversary this year is an island of peace and tranquillity with its university, creative and work places. It is being extended non-stop, but luckily has managed to […]

An Authentic Reinterpretation

The Reconstruction of Palatinus Baths, Budapest Architects: Csaba Nagy, Győző Bujdosó Text: Miklós Okrutay  Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky  Opened back in 1919, the very first open-air baths complex of Budapest has preserved its popularity ever since. It results also from this environment – as Margaret Island is an attractive venue in itself –, but more so […]

Values and Scales

The Reconstruction of Szirmay-Waldbott Mansion in Tolcsva Architect: Mihály Rudolf Text: Rita Tuczai Photos: József Hajdú Tolcsva, a former agricultural town of the Tokaj-Hegyalja region abounds in relics of the past. The Szirmay-Waldbott mansion is renowned far away for its representative aristocratic grandeur and elegance, and also treasures an intense erudition of agriculture. As of […]

An Industrial Joy-Play

Ship Service Building, Győr-Gönyű National Harbor Architects: Ádám Hatvani, Attila Korompay, Tibor Dékány Text: Bálint Botzheim Photos: Balázs Danyi  The harbour at Győr-Gönyű started its operations in 1992. It is also associated with an Industrial Park which is still almost empty. At present there is only a single factory active here, which is an Austrian-owned […]

Rational Common Sense Logic of Construction

Dwelling house, Piliscsaba Architect: József Őrfi  Text: Tamás Kiss Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky  The facade of the detached family house immediately shows that the building is a result of a later extension. Built after the turn of the millennia, it is a twin-design studio with two windows, which bravely takes on its original design, next to […]

Every End is a New Beginning

Hello Wood Village Project is Over Architects: Hello Wood Text: Edit Pálinkás Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky  Hello Wood drew attention to the significance of the village, the communal utilisation of space, thinking together and communication with two projects this year. To sum it up, the wine region of Tokaj-Hegyalja hosted Építész Mustra ’17 which actually brought […]

Art of balance

Rebuilding Rånåsfoss hydroelectric power station, Norway Architects: LPO Architekten Text: Eszter Götz  Photos: Tove Lauluten, Jan Lillehamre The original power station in Rånåsfoss was completed in 1922 and is an example of neo-classical industrial architecture, designed by architect Thorvald Astrup. The power station has been described as the first, largest and most beautiful power station […]

István Medgyaszay Memorial Conference and Exhibition

Pesti Vigadó, 20. 09. 2017 István Medgyaszay is one of the most outstanding figures of 20th-century architecture in Central Europe. His works, however, have been underestimated compared to their significance both in Hungarian and international architectural history. Lectures included in the programme of the memorial conference held to honour his oeuvre targeted to survey and […]

Ferro-concrete and Szekler gate

Modernism and identity in the architecture of István Medgyaszay Text: Ákos Moravánszky Concrete is a defining material in modern architecture, which has evolved into a symbol of the Modernist movement and later on became that of the negative consequences of modernization. The Szekler gate is actually just the opposite of everything represented by reinforced concrete: it […]