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  • Ferro-concrete and Szekler gate

    Modernism and identity in the architecture of István Medgyaszay

    Text: Ákos Moravánszky

    Concrete is a defining material in modern architecture, which has evolved into a symbol of the Modernist movement and later on became that of the negative consequences of modernization. The Szekler gate is actually just the opposite of everything represented by reinforced concrete: it cannot be cast into forms and moulds, it is far from being universal, but relates to a mythical and yet existing landscape, as well as the culture it conveys. In which everyday life, work and art are not separated yet, as opposed to modern cities.

    In the architecture of István Medgyaszay, however, the Szekler gate and ferro-concrete do not contradict each other, but are present as the actual manifestations of a basic logicality and rationality. According to him, this principle defines the mind of peasants as well as that of engineers. Architecture, if it ambitions to revive itself, should first of all get rid of the neo (revival) styles of Historicism, and should also return to this basic kind of rationality.