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    Ship Service Building, Győr-Gönyű National Harbor

    Architects: Ádám Hatvani, Attila Korompay, Tibor Dékány
    Text: Bálint Botzheim
    Photos: Balázs Danyi 

    The harbour at Győr-Gönyű started its operations in 1992. It is also associated with an Industrial Park which is still almost empty. At present there is only a single factory active here, which is an Austrian-owned galvanizing plant that actually upstarted the economic story of the site. The house completed right now has been constructed as part of a more extensive development of the harbour between 2014–17. The crane track as an industrial structure is presented here as transformed into an architectural motif as a „bracket” building with surrealistic dimensions. The section of the building projecting over the road by 14 metres could be built as a back-tiered bridge structure. The L-shaped design closely followed the logic of functions. The ground floor contains all the rooms that are necessary to house the tasks of the service station. The wing perpendicular to the bank contains the dispatchers’ office as well as all the service engineering systems, whilst the wing running parallel with the riverbank hosts a spare room for guests, the laboratories for monitoring water standards and the water areas. Being a genuine novelty both functionally and aesthetically, the service station building has stepped beyond its dimensions as it launches onto internationals waters.

    Architects: Ádám Hatvani, Attila Korompay, Tibor Dékány 
    General design: András Benedek – SBS-KOMIR Kft.
    Structure: CEOS Kft.
    MEP: Kristályklíma Plusz Kft.
    Electrical design: HAP Kft; WTF Kft.
    Landscape design: VK Studio Kft.