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    Rebuilding Rånåsfoss hydroelectric power station, Norway

    Architects: LPO Architekten
    Text: Eszter Götz 
    Photos: Tove Lauluten, Jan Lillehamre

    The original power station in Rånåsfoss was completed in 1922 and is an example of neo-classical industrial architecture, designed by architect Thorvald Astrup. The power station has been described as the first, largest and most beautiful power station in Norway. Originally, the power station had six double Francis turbines with horizontal axles. Over the years, foundation settlement of the machine hall caused mechanical stress to the aggregates and an ever-increasing maintenance requirement. In 2010, the work began to replace the almost 90-year-old Francis turbines with modern vertical aggregates. To accommodate the new units, a new machine hall was built relating to the prestigious historical buildings. In addition to being a power station, Rånåsfoss also contains a visitor center that receives over 7,000 visitors each year, including schoolchildren and other delegations. Parts of the station hosts an exhibition for hydropower and energy, and the old machine hall is preserved as part of the exhibition.

    Architects: LPO Architekter AS
    Consultants: SWECO, ÅF Lightning Norge
    Client: Akershus Energi