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    Lessons of the FUGA Anniversary Festival

    Text: Anna Zöldi
    Photos: Tibor Zsitva, Ferenc Kocsis

    In October 2019 FUGA Budapest Architectural Centre celebrated its 10th anniversary, which is a memorable milestone event in its history. Founded in 2009, FUGA has evolved into a brandmark of Gesamtkunswerk commitment, and a genuine and authentic venue of the cultural sphere of Budapest. In the past decade it has been a gap-filler in architectural publicity, in shaping the social role of architecture in communication and forming the identity of the profession itself. Even more importantly, it has been a mediator between the professionals and the wider public encouraging and facilitating their communication. Its activities helped to make visitors aware of the key role architecture plays in culture. To honour the ceremonial anniversary, FUGA has offered an intensive series of events for a week starting on October 1st including everything its visitors are already used to. It awaited people interested in the events from morning till late evening in programmes such as panel discussions on architecture, an international conference, exhibitions and auctions, whilst the closing events of the evenings were devoted to literature and music.