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  • Testimonies towards a deeper understanding of Modernist architecture

    Ferenc Vámossy: Essays on Architectural Theory
    Tarsoly Kiadó, 2019, 420 page

    Text: Mária Tatai

    Of several hundreds of articles written by Ferenc Vámossy, five have been selected and included in his volume published now. Surveying five independent topics, they make up five pillars of his oeuvre much like in an arch: by reading them one can have a deeper understanding of the theoretical background of the architecture of a period via contemporary examples and the framework of philosophical-aesthetic viewpoints. The author is a referential researcher of 20th-century Modernist architecture in Hungary as well as a teacher specialized in this field, who is well-known to generations of professionals in both architecture and appplied arts. The architecture of Modernism and its ideals brought about revolutionary changes in our environment. This book helps readers understand this era at a deeper level.