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  • In Retrospect

    A selection of articles from the supplementary Post Scriptum reaching its 100th edition

    The transformation of the periodical titled Hungarian Architecture in 2001 offered a chance to launch a new, independent theoretical supplement as part of our publication. It was given the title Utóirat / Post Scriptum to show that we felt the urge and importance of an extension of the contents besides the survey of the conditions of contemporary architecture, the up-to-date achievements in architecture and topics associated with professionals’ dialogues. As a result, Post Scriptum has included articles and essays on architectural theory and history, associated arts, social studies, innovative technologies, as well as philosophical, aesthetic, ecological, professional architectural and political writings on man-made environment. There has never been such a regularly periodical of architectural theory in Hungary before its start in 2001, and it has been unparalleled since then too. Hereby we are publishing a selection of excerpts from recent studies published in Post Scriptum which is now celebrating its 100th issue. – the editors