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  • Past – Present – Future

    30 Years of Károly Kós Association

    Text: László György Sáros
    Photos: Lőrinc Csernyus, Attila Kristók

    The civilian association uniting and coordinating Hungarian organic architecture was founded 30 years ago by seven minor associations in 1989. Founders unanimously decided to choose Károly Kós’s name naturally taking on his heritage and spirituality. The founding masters, Miklós Kampis, Imre Makovecz and István Kálmán thus started to manage the Károly Kós Education, Research and Business Association launched with the aim to use and blend the spirit of organic architecture of contemporary architecture with the Hungarian vernacular of the countryside when creating houses and buildings. The series of events to celebrate the jubilee includes numerous exhibitions, talks, music and literary programmes including a large scale conference held in the Vigadó of Buda on November 15th.