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  • Bike and Boat

    Boathouses, houseboats

    Design, text: Vesmás Péter


    The Council for the Development of the Danube Bend Region drew up the Programme of the „Danube of the Danube Bend” in 2005 which was meant to revive the water and bathing culture of the Danube banks following its long traditions. The „Bike and Boat” system is the very first item of the Programme to be realized so as to encourage and help the development of the infrastructure necessary for watersports and bicycle tourism. By developing the existing boathouse and water colonies as well as by building new ones, stops and rest areas for bikers may also be fashioned. Being symbols of classical water life, boathouses are suited for storing the boats owned by the locals, but the same bildings are also home to the clubs of watersports and house facilities of boat renting.