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  • Intelligible Architecture

    Visegrád, Royal Club Hotel

    Architect: Csaba Masznyik
    Text: Levente Szabó
    Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

    Fotó: Bujnovszky Tamás

    The designer phrased his architectural programme in two buildings: a smaller one, which is the only edifice in this part of the Main Street (Fő utca) enjoying protection as a listed historic monument having the scales of a villa, and a larger one in a block next to the main road partly built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries with proportions more adjusted to those of the townscape taking shape later on. The strategy of the designers of the „big house” has yielded several significant results regarding the birth of a house of fine quality, whilst it also performs a certain part of the huge and almost incalculable task (even though only a small part of it) without which experimental and pioneering architectural trends would have even less chance of understanding the circle of clients and users.

    Architect: Csaba Masznyik
    Fellow architects: Ágnes Szabó, Attila Béres, András Dóczi
    Interior design: Szabolcs Jóföldi, Sándor Simon, Krisztina Zsoldos
    Structure: Sándor Pintér
    Electrical engineering: Zsolt Beharka
    Installation: Róbert Goda
    Main contractor: METO Zrt., Budapest
    Client: György Friedrich