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  • The City and Parasitic Edifices

    Concept: Byron Cadena, Aryo Dhaneswara, Andrew Saltzman
    Text: Eszter Götz

    Students of the master course with the IAAC (Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia) in Barcelona, Byron Cadena, Aryo Dhaneswara and Andrew Saltzman revived the concept of parasitic architecture born at the turn of the millennia in their project in 2019/2020, which means that posterior interventions in existing cities brought minor „parasitic” units channelling into their infrastructure. The aim of these parasitic complementations was primarily to tackle the issues associated with homelessness, providing immigrants with homes relying on reduced financials. Students propose a sustainable housing model assisted with a digital design tool which analyses series of local parametres and displays the impacts of the necessary parasitic structures on the fabric of the city, proposing actual variations based data sourced from the location. On collecting data, the Grasshopper programmer presents with its script all the potential construction typologies and connects kataszteri data base with Rhino 3D blocks. The whole agglomeration can be simulated with the Grasshopper Wasp which also generates a set of rules adapted to the possible scenarios and thus generates the suitable effects. Local governments can choose from the offers presented by the programme suited to their own individual conditions, potentials and faculties.