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    TECLA Experimental Home with 3D Printing
    Text: Bálint Botzheim

    In the past year news have been flooding on a daily basis about various buildings made with a variety of 3D printings, the majority of which, however, relied on the vertical-horizontal logic of traditional construction systems, corresponding to the duality of wall-ceiling building materials. As opposed to this, the Italy-based Mario Cucinella architects team represent a new trend in cooperation with 3D printers’ developer WASP in the TECLA project, which ambitions to survey new formal potentials in this technology. During 3D printing in the building industry casting without shutter is applied. Te printer produces concrete or other materials mixed with other binding agents layer by layer. It it solidifies quickly enough, a structure vaulting into one can also be produced. TECLA project is experimenting with such a so-called pseudo-dome. Architects ambition to design and print homes of a minor size suitable for two people.