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  • Green among the Bricks

    Concept of an aeroponic hall

    Concept and text: Mária Torma – University of Sopron
    Consultant: Bálint Botzheim

    The thesis developed a plan for an urban plant growing building to make use of redundant spaces and bring in a function that is innovative and useful for the city. Aeroponic plant cultivation is a good example of how plants can be grown in an urban environment, as it can also help to remedy environmental problems. The building is also the location of office work related to startup activities, and a small presentation area is being prepared for some customers and business partners who visit there. Cultivation takes place in the hall space, the reception of guests is in the foyer, the gallery is a room suitable for meetings and presentations, and the offices are upstairs. The shape of the annex building was inspired by the hall. Mechanical equipment led into the bubbles ensures a constant 17-18 degrees for the plants.