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  • The Strategy of the Complex Reconstruction of the Royal Palace in Buda

    Concept and text: Robert Gutowski
    Client: Várkapitányság Nonprofit Ltd.

    The Castle Hill and Royal Palace of Buda are a site and memorial of historic and symbolic significance of Hungarian national identity. The place itself is a nationally significant historic monument with regard to Hungary’s past and national belongingness: it is a protected building, a highly prioritized excavation site and a World Heritage Site as well. The complex reconstruction of the Royal Palace of Buda is a complicated, time-consuming system of processes requiring a staff of many people, as it comprises scientific research and proceedings, architectural and art design, the manifestation of principles of monument and heritage protection, then interventions of reconstruction, modernization, renovation. The primary goal of the concept is to create a condition which ambitions the reconstruction of the integrity of the palace to reveal its functional and artistic entirety and historical layers.