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  • Utilisation of the Old Market Hall in Pécs

    Students’ Plans for the Architectural Education and Training at the University of Pécs

    Teachers: Gábor Veres, Ders Csaba, András Greg, Tamás Kondor, Balázs Kokas, Andor Krisztián Kovács, Péter Udvardi

    In 2013, the Urban Research Group was established at the Institute of Architecture of the University of Pécs with the aim to deal with urban research topics related to the future of the city. Since then, every year they have been working with fifth-year architecture students in Pécs on an urban theme within the framework of the complex planning course. Recently, a new series of courses managed by the research team has been launched with the title “Environmental Emergencies and Architecture”, with the aim of exploring and revitalising, together with their surroundings and contexts, the valuable abandoned buildings of Pécs, reconnecting them to the city’s bloodstream.