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  • The Goal Tower of the Rowing Course

    Design Contest – First Prize

    Design: Tamás Máté, Áron Vass-Eysen – BIVAK

    The Department of Architecture of the Hungarian Academy of Art and the Association of Hungarian Architects co-operated in publishing an open tender in October 2016 for architects under the age of 40 titled „The Goal Tower of the Rowing Course 2016”. Meant for young professionals, invited architects to design the surroundings of an “ideally conceived” rowing course with efficient utilization in the future, including the architectural concepts for reinterpreting facilities suited to host related sports events. The first prize went to the joint scheme submitted by Tamás Máté and Áron Vass-Eysen. Their design is a break-away from the traditional vertical design: instead it stretches horizontally. It is a practical design, well-adjusted to the rowing course, and does not create any kind of obstacle to the wind. This type of representation and the new way of approaching the concept of a race course is unprecedented so far.