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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • Wolf Trap

    Wolf Research Centre

    Concept and text: Csenge Kővári

    The area which was formerly a venue for shooting films used by the Hungarian Movie Company is located near Gödöllő. Today it is possessed by an ethologist and the managers of a world-famous animal co-ordinator, Horkai Animal Training Center. The main focus of the scheme was if it is allowed in the case of such a function close to directly influence the environment by man-made components. The goal was to find a solution that has the potentials to co-exist with the environment whilst being an integral part of it. The wolf-trap as the primary association came into focus then. Although the work carried out in the research centre is in sharp contrast with the very concept of a trap, it was still an important consideration to create a parallel between them. This in turn resulted in a spatial system which allows to keep up the concealed nature of the units involved so that they can function without limiting structures.