• ремонты от компании StroySila
  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • Three-Stone Tourist Lodge

    MÉSZ-MÉK Diploma Award 2017

    Design: Brezina Zsolt
    Consultant: Keller Ferenc

    The primary aim of the scheme was to construct a tourist accommodation which is located in the heart of nature, far away from the noise and harmful impacts of man-made environment and can exist and maintain itself in a sustainable way. It partly functions as a self-supporting tourist lodge which can be occupied via advance booking, and provides the basic needs of human beings – or even more: it can comfortably accommodate a company of friends staying overnight, for example. The other half is a so-called bivouac, or an improvised temporary accommodation where one can spend the night with less comfort, but in a place sheltered from the weather up in the hills This small cottage is located on the southern slope starting from the hilltop, and thus offers unique vistas for visitors without disturbing the view of those arriving at the top. The lower-located structure also functions as a vantage point.