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  • House along Szinva

    BME Residential Design Department
    Hauszmann Award 2020

    Concept and text: Péter Peitl
    Consultant: Miklós Jancsó DLA

    The historic core of Miskolc is located at the intersection of two main axes of the city. A significant component of the morphology of the area is the wide main street parallel developed on the east-western axis, just like the stream Szinva running parallel with it, and the major roads that are perpendicular to it. The main street is flanked by a closed development in revival historical style, made up by typically two-, three- or four-storey residential buildings with wrap-around galleries. The yards open via the gateways towards the main street, but most of them are also accessible from the other side. Functionwise, these yards are not only important spaces of the city centre, but are also used as streets. The scheme has preserved the historic style development of the main street, by demolishing the southern single-storey buildings and the wing with badly deteriorated galleries a development of three- or four-storey buildings with closed yards was created on the site. At the meeting pont of the existing and new buildings two yards have been created, and another two within the new development. Two gates from each yard lead on to the neighbouring yards, and besides that, a gate also opens into the main street from the north-eastern yard and the pedestrian bridge respectively. Privately and jointly used roof gardens have been created above the two-storey sections of the buildings.