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  • Japanese Baths Complex

    Diploma Thesis, Technical University of Pécs

    Concept and text: Anna Fanni Juhász
    Consultant: Tamás Kondor

    The objective of this diploma work was to design a complex which is unique in both its functions and culture to be built in downtown Pécs. As a result, the blueprints of a Japanese baths were actually realized. Making use of the entire space of the site, this development features spacious gardens and an ensemble of several buildings. The tea house and the restaurant is accessible from the street via a front garden, from where we follow the path through a garden for pious meditation to the building of the baths complex. On the upper floor of the first block there is a massage and chiropodist parlour with the reception and the changing rooms, the showers and the baths space itself. Then in the back part of the building there is a recreation zone and a yoga room. All this embraces the inner garden with a tea pavillion in the centre.