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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • Prosthesis

    Carrara Thermal Baths, ReThinking
    International Contest, 2nd Prize

    Concept and text: Arnold Tóth, Attila Páll

    Organised by reThinking, the Carrara Thermal Baths international concept contest targeted to provide new functions for the marble quarries in Carrara which had been exploited and then abandoned by people. A total of 105 project schemes have been submitted for the prestigious members of the jury who assessed them in several stages. Attila Páll and Arnold Tóth received the second prize for their ’Prosthesis’ concept which in the spirit of social and environmental responsibility patches up the scars human beings caused. Their scheme draws inspiration from the local features and based on human senses, it occupies zones filled with water.