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  • Regenerative Agriculture Workshop

    Diploma Thesis, Budapest Technical University, 2022

    Concept: Fanni Monostori
    Consultant: Balázs Kemes DLA

    The plan reflects on the causes of the existing climatic conditions, especially on the severity of the damage caused by the agricultural sector. A case study examining the agricultural system of rural Hungary offers an alternative solution to the traditional agricultural system in use today. If we can increase the carbon storage capacity of the soil, the emission of greenhouse gases can be reduced. There are many methods for binding activated carbon in the soil and improving its quality. One of them is regenerative agriculture, the method of soil transformation that deals with the replacement of nutrients and the restoration of biological diversity. The given the location and the complex problem area inspired the creation of an agricultural workshop, which deals with the regeneration process of the soil, the utilization of local green waste, and the formation of practical education in agriculture at the site of today’s ruined complex.