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  • Designs of the Thermal Baths, Soltvadkert

    Hauszmann Diploma Award, 2017

    Concept: Izolda Font 
    Consultant: János Dobai DLA
    Opponent: László Pethő 

    This diploma design is the elaboration of the concept fort he thermal baths which us to be built on the shore of Lake Vadkerti near Soltvadkert. The site is now almost vacant: but there is a thermal well with yellowish water rich in minerals with curing effects. The area is surrounded by trees and bushes, the thick vegetation hides even the closest weekend houses from sight. The scheme opens this kind of closed situation towards the lake so that there is an undisturbed view from the building onto the body of water. Forms oft he thermal baths complex ambition to adjust to nature as much as possible. The basic formula is a flat disc slit at several points. In this perpendicular system the slits enhance the large size flat body which opens especially in the direction oft he building on the opposite side of arrivals, and it is only the slit of the entrance which is visible. The sides oft he slits are glass partitions, thus the interior receives light via them. Architectural space is articulated by this and yet remains transparent.