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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • Tisza Forest School and Trail

    Thesis, MOME Institute of Architecture

    Concept and text: Levente Szász
    Consultant: András Göde

    Northern-Eastern Hungary is one of the poorest areas in our country. People are struggling with ethnic and economic problems which distort the minds of the children and their world views. The presented forest school project, designed on flood basin, intends to solve this problem partly in the generation of youth at the border between Borsod and Szabolcs counties. Children can develop their abilities in practice and help each other by asking their mates for various forest discoveries, attempting to create a mutual trust in their fellow creature without preconception. The river Tisza creates a diversified wildlife, providing opportunities for excursions, camps, and the floodplain across the border between Cigánd and Dombrád is a potential place for children to explore their surroundings. In the plan it will be able to provide a nomade accommodation, which is embodied in the form of a circle. With its open and lockable walls, it communicates with nature and creates a more intimate atmosphere and a secure feeling from inside at the same time. A boat house on the same architectural structure and a nature path with net system are connected with the camp.