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  • A Hall for Culture in Kőbánya

    The Workshop and Rehearsal Centre of  the Hungarian State Opera and Erkel Theatre, Kőbánya

    Architect: Miklós Marosi 
    Text: Eszter Götz 
    Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky 

    Opened in 1884, the Opera House has been looking for a suitable venue ever since to permanently house the functions that could not be contained in the historic building designed by Ybl on Andrássy Avenue. Rooms primarily suited to house a stage for rehearsals, workshops for making costumes, props and settings, as well as store rooms for the costumes and sceneries of former opera performances. After a variety of proposals, the former premises of the Hungarian Railways standing vacant since 2009 at the gate of Kőbánya was rated as the best solution. The Northern Vehicles Repairs works used to be the largest technical basis of the Railways.  With its basilica-type structure measuring 214 metres in length and 96 metres in width, it is divided into five longitudinal naves, it is the largest industrial historic building of Hungary today. The structure is supported by a grid system of steel struts with large spans to cover the expanse of the hall taking up more than 2 hectares floor-area. The task was to coordinate and configurate the partly industrial and partly artistic functions. Behind the operations of the theatre visible to the public, there is a huge team of production and maintenance. To integrate all their units in a single whole is a genuine bravado. Miklós Marosi, who is the designer of the project, prioritized to preserve the character of the industrial historic monument concerning both the overall impression and every single detail.

    Leading architect: Miklós Marosi 
    Architects:  Istán Ács, Ágnes Pernesz, Anisz Rabie, Dániel Hódosi, Áron Dányádi, Adél Süveges, Viktória Weimper, László Csízy, Bálint Kelemen, Dávid Petri 
    Structure: Péter Váczi
    HVAC: Szilárd Szakál
    Power-current:  András Máramarosi
    Weak-current: András Ritzl 
    Interiors: István Szenes – Szenes Design Kft.
    Landscape: Flóra Potyondy – Park Terv Stúdio Kft.
    Traffic: Ádám Rhorer  – Közlekedés Kft.
    Acoustics: Csaba Huszty Dr – Entel Kft.
    Technology: Géza Balogh – Interton Kft.
    Stage technology: Péter Schramm – Animative Kft.
    Frameworks:  Gábor Becker Dr,  László Kakassy Dr
    Fire protection:  Lajos Takács Dr
    Public utilities: Attila Bíró – KÉSZ Tervező Kft.

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