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  • The Coolest Venue

    Gerilla Barbecue project, Budapest

    Designers: BETON Workshop
    Text: Eszter Götz
    Photos: Benedek Bognár, Zsuzsanna Simon 

    Organised by BME (the Budapest University of Technology and Economics) and S39 Hybrid Design Manufacturers, the university course titled BETON (concrete) is an optional one for students targeted to those who wish to get acquainted with the creative utilizations of concrete first in theory, then in practice. At first it was only students of BME majoring in architecture and engineering who were allowed to participate in this programme but later on it was opened for those studying at other institutes of higher education too. As a result, students of applied arts, furniture design as well as fine artists had the chance to join the course. Young people coming from a wide variety of fields finish their academic year with exciting works meant for public domains. In 2015 they cast the tiny benches that now stand next to the thermal canal of St Gellért Baths Complex flowing into the river Danube. In 2016 they went on to develop the -KIFOLYÓ (outflow) project and thus created one of the coolest meeting points in Budapest beneath Gellért Square where they designed a communal venue suited to barbecue and chat in a public domain.