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  • The Seed-sower’s House

    Lutheran Church, Nyíregyháza

    Architect: Attila Kulcsár
    Text: Réka Fazakas
    Photos: Tamás Szántó
    On the eastern outskirts of Nyíregyháza, on the housing estate of Örökösföld there is the square named after the Holy Trinity where churches of three various Christian denominations co-exist peacefully in the spirit of ecumenicity. In 2009 the Greek one was consecrated first, followed by the Roman Catholic in 2014, and then by the Calvinist church in September, 2020. The construction of the latter was sponsored by the state and a national fund-raising of Calvinist believers. The project was launched at the end of 2018, and the completed church was consecrated in September, 2020, which fulfills several ecclesiastic and religious functions with the two other structures, the congregation house and the parishes. Its exterior design is well-proportioned, suggesting modesty and puritan spirituality, accommodating to the Calvinist teachings. The overall image is defined by a most characteristic component: the white masonry facade, which is gently counteracted by the dark grey metal cladding of the roof structure. Adjoining the church structure, the 30-meter spire accommodates quite well to the height of the surrounding housing estate buildings, and is graced by the characteristic motif of the Lutheran church: a star headed for the skies.

    Client: Nyíregyházi Városi Református Egyházközség
    General design: Pláne és Plánum Kft.
    Architect: Attila Kulcsár DLA
    Structure: István Budai
    Interiors, furniture: Gyula Horváth
    Main contractor: Épadker Kft.