The House of the Seed-Sower

Calvinist Church and Congregation Home, Csömör

Architect: Zoltán Berzsák
Text: Sándor Csontó
Photos: József Hajdú

The Calvinist Mission Congregation of Csömör-Nagytarcsa published an invitational tender back in December 2013 for the preliminary designs of a multi-functional complex named „The House of the Seed-Sower”. After the completion of the first stage, in autumn 2018 the project was continued with the construction of the church. Designers have worked out plans exploring the potential follow-ups respecting traditions and yet reflecting the attitudes of contemporary Hungarian architecture. Both the exterior and interior design are associated with the Lutheran roots and manifest them in a new interpretation, whilst also following the archetype of old Hungarian churches. The plan was conceived according tot he principles of rational functionality and clarity, it does not ambition to appear more than what it is and even so it conveys rich meanings. The result captures us at first sight, whilst its puritan simplicity is a real surprise. The minimal gestures of the design in the physical sense, the very clear and unambiguous references enhance the mutual belongingness of the buildings and the souls.

Client: Csömör-Nagytarcsai Református Missziói Egyházközség
General architecture: 4plusz Építész Stúdió Kft.
Leading architect: Zoltán Berzsák
Architects: László Nyikos, Katalin Konyha, Noémi Rácz, Csongor Csintalan
Interiors, furniture: Zoltán Berzsák, Noémi Rácz, Csongor Csintalan
Structure: Balázs Puskás, Márton Kerényi, Csaba Wágner – Terraplan ’97 Kft.
HVAC: Gábor Dömötör – DMG Mérnökiroda Kft.
Electrical engineering: Nóra Károlyi – Stúdió NG. Bt., József Mihalovics – MI-HA Kft.
Weak current: Gyula Bosch – Bosch Mérnök Bt.
Landscape: Franciska Tézli-Szabó
Fire protection: Levente Szöllősi – Tű Bt.
Acoustics: Andor Tamás Fürjes – Aqrate Kft.
Main contractor: Uhrinwest Kft.
Pipe-organ: Zoltán Papp
Grapics: Simon András
Bells: Gombos Miklós