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  • A Permanent Space for Images of the Moment

    New Exhibition Space of the Capa Center, Budapest

    Architect: Zsolt Szécsi
    Text: András Bán
    Photos: József Hajdú

    At last, a permanent photography museum has been opened in Budapest in a distinguished historic setting, with a prestigious collection of images, restrained architecture and a public focus. The Robert Capa Collection, purchased by the Hungarian state, has been converted into a permanent exhibition space for Capa’s images exhibited in the same building as the Capa Centre, formerly functioning as the Tivoli cinema. The large tenement building on Nagymező Street was built by art collector Lajos Ernst primarily to house his own collection and a spacious new gallery. In addition to the existing museum, the tenement also included apartments, a street shop and a large single-floor cinema, which was opened back in 1912. The cinema space was used as a theatre for a while, but has now been converted into an exhibition space according to the concept worked out by architect Zsolt Szécsi and the Seventh Studio. The foyer has been integrated with the Capa Centre, and in addition to the service spaces, a neutral space for the display of photographs and a multifunctional auditorium have been added tot he existing structure. The narrowness of the row of spaces was loosened by the architects through insights, transparencies and unexpected connections. One such component is the spectacular glass partition separating the foyer from the auditorium, which also carries information but makes the space even more spacious.

    Leading architect: Zsolt Szécsi
    Architecture: Zsolt Szécsi, Klára Kozma, Martina Farkas – Monument History Preserving Ltd.
    Concept: Levente Szabó DLA, Balázs Biri – Hetedik Studio
    Building survey, monument history preservation: Zsolt Szécsi, Anikó Bottyán
    Stucco restoration: Károly Payer
    Woodworks restoration: Anikó Bottyán
    Electrical engineering: Dávid Sándor
    HVAC: János Kabak
    Rehabilitation: Sára Rózsa
    Fire protection: Bendegúz Csuba
    Building management: Sauter Automatics
    AV systems: Chromasound
    Exhibition design: Staféta Art Ltd.
    Main contractor: Silda Group 8
    Monument history expert: Cecília Völgyes Mrs Czakó