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  • The Weight of Beauty

    The Reconstruction and Extension of Károlyi-Csekonics Palace, Budapest

    Architects: Csaba Molnár DLA, Péter Bach DLA, Dénes Halmai, Rita Terbe DLA, Zsolt Bánhegyi
    Text: Eszter Götz
    Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

    Located in the Palace District, Károlyi-Csekonics Palace is one of the most expressive palaces of Budapest. Its history truly reflects events of the period starting from the 1880s, which is the era when Budapest evolved into a metropolis, till today. The site was purchased by Count István Károlyi, a member of Parliament, whose wife Margit Csekonics inherited it in 1881 and started the construction right away. She commissioned the designs from the Vienna-based Fellner and Hellner, the most successful company in the Monarchy that was specialised in theatre design. Opening from Múzeum Street, the main entrance is backed by a two-storey lounge, private suites, saloons and budoirs that can be opened into one, to make the home of the family. The centrally positioned courtyard is surrounded by wings to contain the staff-rooms, bathrooms, the kitchen and other service rooms. The rear wing overlooking Reviczky Street was a lot simpler, with the facade reaching the height of the ground floor and the mezzanine. Behind this there was the hay loft, a stable, a barn, and store rooms. After several conversions and remodellings, the Faculty of Arts of Károli Gáspár Calvinist University moved in here in autumn, 2020.

    General design: BME-MG Konzorcium
    Leading architects: Csaba Molnár DLA, Péter Bach DLA
    Architecture, interiors, co-ordination: FormiConcept Kft. – CUBO Építészcsoport Kft.
    Architects: Dénes Halmai, Rita Terbe DLA, Zsolt Bánhegyi
    Fellow architects: Borbála Bagi, Ágnes Czuck, Maica Horváth, Kata Iván, Lelle Kovács, Debóra Ráhel Leitold, Móni Poller, Giselle Ramiro, Tímea Szodorai, Anna Tengölics, Endre Vass
    Interiors: Rita Terbe DLA, Zsolt Tolnai, Zzuzsanna B. Tóth, Orsolya Simon, Gábor Szeles
    Building history, restoration co-ordination: Judit Gömöry
    Project manager: Balázs Pápay
    Monument history preservation: Dr. Ákos Zsembery
    Structure: Dr. Miklós Armuth, Dr. Dezső Hegyi, Dr. György Visnovitz, Dóra Debkowski, Katalin K. Theisler
    HVAC: Dr. Zoltán Magyar, László Temesvári, József Nagy, Ákos Tóth
    Electrical engineering: István Csányi
    Fire protection: András Székács, Bálint Molnár
    Framework: Dr. László Kakasy
    Accessibility: Noémi Bisothka
    Main contractor: WÉB-Konzorcium