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    Clark Hotel, Budapest

    Architect: Anthony Gall
    Text: Krisztina Somogyi
    Photos: József Hajdú, Tamás Bujnovszky

    Opened to the public in March, Hotel Clark Budapest makes it difficult for us to imagine that for more than 70 years there had been firewalls on the site we have a view of from the rooms overlooking the Danube. The vista is awesome, the visual connection with the city is highly different from each window. Anthony Gall had a rational architectural concept which is a worthwhile, self-confident and sweepingly dynamic statement. The sytematic strict configuration of large-size window frameworks on the pierced facade draws a smoothing arch in this site of Budapest which is an outstanding component in the cityscape. Viewed from the other bank of the Danube, the self-disciplined order of the facade defines the view, whilst the integrity of the building and its constrained appearance clearly shows that its alternatives were carefully considered by an experienced architect who has a well-balanced character and the necessary self-confidence. Deeply seated windows, vertically positioned asymmetrical frameworks do not only lend the building its character, but also enter into a more exciting, more sculpturesque and complex communication with the context than the extensively used reflecting glass expanses generally. Hotel Clark appears as a transparent structure of clear logic representing lasting values. When viewed from various distances, it impresses us as a well-proportioned building, which on closer inspection is rich in forms and reveals integral appearance that has the chance to stand the test of times.

    Leading architect: Anthony Gall – Gall és Társai Kft.
    General design: Krisztina Berg, Renáta Grátzer-Páhoki, Máté Biró, Fanni Andriska, Kristóf Keszthelyi – LEAN tech Kft.
    Design, architecture, interiors: Ákos Bara, Miklós Maximilián-Tóth – Bara Design Studio Kft.
    Beefbar franchise designer: Emil Humbert – Humbert & Poyet Architecture
    Graphic design: Barbara Baska
    Railing and lamps: Ádám Lannert
    Metal sculpture: Gábor Miklós Szőke
    „PEAK” lamp: Fanni Ungár
    Facade concrete elements: IVANKA Group
    Electrical engineering: Zoltán Üveges, Szabolcs Fehér – Artrea Consulting Kft.
    HVAC: István Ágoston, Ottó Váry – Ensi Kft.
    Structure: Balázs Puskás, István Bisz – Terraplan ’97 Mérnökiroda
    Kitchen technology: Gábor Petrusán – Agrikon Alfa Kft.
    Main contractor: Market Építő Zrt.
    Investor: Unione Clark Kft., Sándor Scheer