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  • „It rings a bit in its dream”

    Tram Garage, Budafok

    Architect: Ákos Takács
    Text: Zoltán Dragon
    Photos: Áron Lality

    Between 1899 and 1911 the industrial complex originally built for the Suburban Electric Railway of Budapest-Budafok was completely demolished with the exception of two blocks. The structure of the surviving tram garage in Budafok has further deteriorated during random extensions throughout the decades since then: the network still reflected the needs of its former maintainer, whilst the functional system of the premises became more and more complex, and the conditions of the buildings continuously deteriorated. The former buildings were replaced with new contemporary buildings within the framework of a brown field development project in 2017. The re-designed rail system was built, the former rail connections were simplified, the technological equipment was placed on looplike rails, where trams can travel without changing directions. A hall was built for both repair works and daily maintenance checks made complete with service workshops and stores.

    Appointed engineers: Eco-Tec Kft – Utiber Kft konzorcium
    Project manager: László Kuzma – ECO-TEC, Gábor Rozsy – UTIBER
    Main contractor: STR Építő Kft.
    General design: FŐMTERV Zrt.
    Project leader: Edith Suteu
    Architecture: CÉH Zrt.
    Leading architect: Ákos Takács – Céh Zrt.
    Fellow architects: Zsuzsanna Annus, Dalma Földes, Eszter Kovács, Anna Tyuskay, Tamás Bartus, Szabolcs Király, Imre Zoltán Németh – CÉH Zrt.
    Railroad engineering: Szűr Árpád – FŐMTERV Zrt.
    Overhead cable engineering: Edith Suteu, Péter Takács – FŐMTERV Zrt.
    Technology: Balázs Ladjánszki – FŐMTERV Zrt.
    Direct current: Attila Somogyi – FŐMTERV Zrt.
    HVAC: Norbert Pilz, Roland Kovács – KIPTERV Zrt.
    Structure: Zoltán Bencze – CÉH Zrt., Géza Oborzil – FŐMTERV Zrt., Dénes Kerényi – Qualiplan Kft., Tamás Kisely, Klára Varga T. – FŐMTERV Zrt.
    Traffic: Gábor Sipos – FŐMTERV Zrt.
    Electrical engineering: Zoltán Göndics – FŐMTERV Zrt., Tamás Piatkó – WTF Kft.
    Client: BKK Zrt.