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    The Revitalization of the Quay of Prague

    Architect: Petr Janda
    Text: Györg Szegő

    The city of Prague made a decision about the revitalization of the quay section named Naplavka located appr. 4 kilometres away from the “Dancing House” designed by Frank O. Gehry and his team in 1996 . The lower quay, formerly receiving ship cargos, has been used as a car park since the great flood of  2002, but has remained on the periphery of developments ever since. In 2017 the Prague Urban Design Architects office planned a project here to include sites where young people can meet, city-dwellers can go pubbing (which is a cult for the locals), but also integrates venues for concerts and recreation programmes. The quay section was divided into three parts and Petr Janda architect and Brainwork architects office were commissioned with designing the details.  The reconstruction was started with the historical ramparts and earthworks supporting the upper quay. At the top the cast metal railings similar to the ones in Pest and the elaborate masonry were restored. The latter housed 13 units of vaulted stores out of use, and have been converted into art galleries and boutiques meant especially for tourists. In the evenings the full-size portals of the shops filter out light to create a magical atmosphere in the quay formerly having the “suburban” character. Huge floating steel structures are strung along the waterfront towards the promenade: the “Deck”, the station for the sightseeing ships to be followed by the Moldau swimming pool projected to be built in the next stage of the project.

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