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    Health Centre, Budakeszi

    Architect: Gábor Bártfai-Szabó
    Text: Györgyi Csontos
    Photos: György Dénes

    Bártfai-Szabó Architects started to modernize energetically the former health centre of the settlement, actually a building badly deteriorating and in need of renovation to start with. Instead of a didactic design process, however – thinking over the reasons of the utilization anomalies and technical faults of the former house – they decided to preserve its original character to the extent possible, whilst reorganizing the basic masses and horizontal configuration, all of which they contained in their scheme. As a result, the roof design of the building was changed in a rational way, and the entrances originally located in hidden positions now were moved to significant and functionally useful places and are now separable. Other gains of reconfiguration include the transparent and light foyers replacing the previously badly lit passages, as well as the rationalization and humanization of the exterior. Hidden in the architectural programme, three new functions have been conjured into the revived building owing to the reconfiguration of the horizontal plan: doctor’s surgery for adults and children, as well as the district nurse station.

    Architect: Gábor Bártfai-Szabó – Bártfai-Szabó Építésziroda
    Fellow architects: Iulia Agyagási, Andi Fekete, Csilla Fekete, Mariann Nagy, Kinga Radnóczi
    Structure: Tibor Éles
    HVAC: Tamás Oltvai – Oltvai Gépész Stúdió
    Electrical engineering: Csaba Zentai – Három Zentai Kft.
    Client: Budakeszi Város Önkormányzata