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  • Atrium and Vestibule

    Health Centre, Lepsény

    Architect: Péter Vékony
    Text: Mária Tatai
    Photos: József Hajdú

    The village of Lepsény in Fejér county has a brand new health centre opened to the public in 2020. The freestanding structure has a facade running parallel with the street-line which makes it look like a mansion with a central projection. Its main entrance is right in the middle, but viewed from the street it is only slightly referred to: it is screened by the front walls of the projection open from two sides. The spectacle of the long facade is well-balanced: its semi-symmetry is rendered both interesting and harmonious by the systematic order of openings and wall-fields. The gateway open on both sides is the access to the back part of the building. The single-storey structure is organized around a roughly H-shaped floor configuration, which means it is articulated, complex and yet transparent: the stems of the H contain the four functional units which access routes from both the exterior and the interior. The facades feature plain surfaces all around without any kind of articulation or subdivision, it is only the plinth which is slightly stepped back from this plane. Their horizontal configurations from the bottom to the top are varied due to the white brick cladding with piercings here and there, and the rhythmic design of the doors and windows. The varied design of the exterior was achieved simply and purely by means of architecture: mass formation, the building materials and the palette.

    Architecture, interiors: Nirmana Kft.
    Architect: Péter Vékony
    Structure: Kovács & Kovács Stúdió Kft.
    HVAC: Budafok Consult Kft.
    Electrical engineering: HAP Tervezőiroda Kft.
    Roads: Mobil City Bt.
    Medical technology: Egészség Tervező Műhely Kft.
    Accessibility: Tibor Polinszky
    Fire protection: Ferenc Végh
    Main contractor: Soma-Team Kft.
    Technical supervisor: László Németh