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  • Aurea Mediocritas

    Food Industry Training Workshop, Karcag

    Architect: Gábor Csanády
    Text: Levente Móré
    Photos: Gábor Csanády

    Restrained and symmetrical organisation matched with pleasant rhythm features the new food industry plant of the Karcag-based Sámuel Szentannai vocational school designed by Gábor Csanády, who respected architectural traditions of the Great Hungarian Plain whilst blending it with contemporary characteristics easy to identify. In 2008 they started adjusting the building used since 1899 to meet the demands of contemporary agriculture and food industry as training here completely covers both fields. Its comprehensive remodelling was realized in several stages: in 2010 the school building, in 2014 the boarding school, the old administrative unit, the structure housing business and management as well as the kitchen was modernized. As the last step of constructions, in 2015 the food industry training workshop designed by Gábor Csanády was completed. The latter reflects a concept totally different from contemporary buildings with industrial functions as its rigid simple functionalism is matched with the possibly minimal burden on the environment and high standard architecture. Designers have found a kind of aurea mediocritas balancing between the architectural features of the landscape and clear forms of contemporary architecture: the strict organisation of the floor-plan, the mass formations respecting traditions define the building which is opened on the facades, its carefully planned orientation and considered modest functionalism advanvce it into a contemporary work responding sensitively to its environment.

    Lead Architect: Gábor Mátyás Csanády DLA
    Fellow Architects: Flóra Barbara Pálfi, Gyöngyi Gergely, László Fridrich
    Structure: Judit Aninger
    HVAC: József Hódosi, Imre Bondár