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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • The site of Ancestors

    Rudapithecus Exhibition, Felsőtelekes

    Architect: Zsolt Vasáros
    Text: Bálint Botzheim
    Photos: János László, Klára Lovas, Zsolt Vasáros

    The first pieces of the remains of Rudi, the world famous primal ape were found in the mid-1960s in one of the abandoned fields of the iron ore mine still active then in Rudabánya, in north-east Hungary. The mine was closed down in 1985 and then the huge hollow of the exterior cultivation was filled up with by water which resulted in the deepest body of water in Hungary. Of the seven sites Nos. I., II. and VII. are located on a well-defined but not very extensive site. A roof to protect it was built above them in 1977 which totally decayed as time passed and its remains are an eyesore sight unworthy of the archeological site. In 2011 the development concept started and as a result the Exhibition building, reception structure, look-outs and study trail have all been finished recently. During the design stage an exemplary cooperation was formed amongst the designers and students of the Doctoral School of BME (Budapest University of Technology). The architectural concept was as deeply influenced by the memories of the former industrial site as by the fact that the area is an archeological excavation site. The study trail features three look-outs, rest areas and look-out platforms built right on the lakeshore. All these come to form a complex visual history reaching far beyond the aims of education and learning.

    Leading architect: Zsolt Vasáros DLA
    Architects: Zsolt Megyesi, Gábor Nagy, Áron Sasvári, Anikó Somlai – Narmer Studio, Gabriella Antal, Veronika Borzsák, Piroska Varga – BORSOD2050 project – BME Doctoral School
    Fellow architects: Emőke Bandur-Juhász, Ágnes Eiszrich, Anna Kőnig, Bence Török
    Structure: Norbert Blasius – X-pol Kft., Olivér Kovács, Dr. János Szendefy – Eferte Kft.
    HVAC: Csaba Makáry, Tamás Mottl – Agorex Kft.
    Electrical engineering: Ilona Nyári – Libella Lux Kft., András Peták – VA-IQ Kft.
    Concrete technology: Péter István Varga DLA – VPI Stúdió Kft.
    Paleontologist: Dr. László Kordos
    Client: City of Rudabánya
    Project manager: Balázs Wächter
    Main contractor: Euro Campus Kft.