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  • In a Friendly Neighbourhood

    Extension of Malomvölgy Primary School, Felsőörs

    Architect: András Krizsán
    Text: Anett Mizsei
    Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

    When a village school is extended with a gym hall, the designers have to face an unavoidable question: dealing with the mass of the hall or dividing it up in order to adjust to the scales of the context? This decision is especially important, when the house needs to be fitted into a villagescape with still live strong features. Architect András Krizsán has made a firm statement with the building mass described to tackle this issue. The longitudinal configuration as well as the roof design are inspirations drawn from the local vernacular architecture. His concept is based on the traditional formula with a gable wall facing south; humane and anthropomorphic forms and narrower tracts have revised the significant span of the hall. Visually, the focus is obviously placed on the southern facades with a rhythm and proportions evoking the local streetscape made up of peasant’s buildings. András Krizsán applied traditional proportions and orientation with expertise and firm hands integrating them with conventional and contemporary components, materials and forms in a genuine way, We may as well regard it as vernacular post-modernist in style. Traditional local architectural character is divided into its constituents with an almost analytical care to reunite them into a new organic entirety. What happens to them meanwhile, is the updating of the form, the genial compilation of contemporary details and materials. From the granary-like lateral openings and lamellas to the facework and tiling with contemporary designs next to the windows, each detail is cheerful, deliberate and well-balanced.

    Architect: András Krizsán – Modum Építésziroda Ltd.
    Structure: Ákos Medek – Medek Engineering
    HVAC: Csaba Rosza
    Electrical engineering, lightning protection: István Paizs, Dávid Sándor
    Fire protection: Ferenc Segesdi
    Rehabilitation: György Busics
    Client: Felsőörs Municipality
    Management: BMSK
    Main contractor: Vemévszer Ltd.