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    Reconstruction of Károly Kós Well-House and Resort, Kászonjakabfalva (RO)

    Architect: Győző Esztány
    Text: Anthony Gall
    Photos: Győző Esztány, István Szigeti Vajk

    Designed by Károly Kós, the Pán well-house is located in Seklerland Kászoni Valley and was built for the former senior GP of Sepsiszentgyörgy, Dr. Kristóf Fogolyán almost 100 years ago. The site has been rehabilitated in an exemplary way, the former house by Károly Kós has been entirely rebuilt, and completed with a residential building next to it as well as a bower as part of a comprehensive rehab project covering the entire neighborhood. The original structure is a typical example of the masonry and timber building typology. The new owner ambitioned to restore the building to the original designs by Kós and the old conditions as closely as possible, and also to suit it to meet purposes of tourism. Mushroom experts and statics expertise were considered when making the decision to entirely demolish the remaining structure and then to completely rebuild it. The attitude of architect Győző Esztány, the designer of the rehabilitation did not only imitate the past, but also serves it in a modest and sensitive way.

    Client: Gyárfás Kurkó
    Leading architect: Győző Esztány
    Collaborator: Zsolt Esztány
    Structure: Sándor Márton
    HVAC: Tibor Gegő, Attila Antal
    Electrical engineering: András Részegh
    Landscape: Ágnes Herczeg